Receiving Bad News from Night Owl!

I received a trade package in the mail the other day from the venerable Night Owl.  Normally, trade packages from the evening bird make me happy...this one, however, made me very sad.

Why?  Behold:

Yep.  One of the interwebs greatest and most prolific traders has nothing left to send me from my want list.  Every pesky Heritage short print is gone, every Upper Deck Timeline nonsense gone.  No more Fleer Ultras, Ginter minis, or even Topps Archive inserts.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

Well, that sucks.

I suppose until I add some more stuff to my want list, this is the last of the trade packages from Night Owl - but at least he went out with a bang.

To wit, my first 2013 Topps card:

I can't say that I'm super high on Chris Heisey, but the guy seems like a pretty nice guy.

The next card is some sort of parallel from 2013 Topps - and this one is of a player that I'm quite high on.

Todd Frazier.  The guy who hit a home run while letting go of the bat in a major league game last year.

You really need to see that video if you've never seen it.  Todd Frazier is the man.

Speaking of the man, Night Owl sent me a guy who was supposed to be the man for the Reds for many years...

...and a guy the Reds felt wouldn't be the man again...

The trade package concluded with two cards.  The first of which I believe I'm legally required to introduce as a MMMMMMIIIINNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIII!

The other?  The last remaining card Night Owl owns that I need (apparently).

Take that Heritage - I'm now one card closer to completion!  It's also amusing to me that the final card that Night Owl had that I needed was a San Francisco Giant.  I would have thought he would have eliminated all Giant-stink from his collection many years ago!  Oh well, it's my gain since I needed the card!

Thanks for the great trade Night Owl - and I'll be sure to get some new sets up on my want list before too long.


  1. ...and so it begins. We're beginning to bleed the owl dry. Muuwwaahahahahahaaaa!!

  2. I suggest a 1952 want list. Make the Owl work on that.

  3. Guess I need to hit your want list then!

  4. I suggest you change your favorite team to the Athletics. We'll be back in business.

  5. I sense an opportunity for me!

  6. Anonymous12:04 AM

    If you put Griffey's time with the Mariners and Robinson's time with the Orioles, and gave them to the Reds. We'd have a few more World Series titles.


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