Running Out of Things to Say.

I'm almost through opening the box of 1999 Pacific Aurora.  That's sad for two reasons:
1.  I won't have any more baseball packs to open.
2.  I won't have much to blog about!

While I can't do a lot about #1, I'm hoping to come up with something new and possibly interesting for #2.  We'll see.  Until then, let's continue the trek through the box - here are packs 31 and 32.

Pack 31:
39.  Mike Caruso
48.  Greg Vaughn
59.  Vinny Castilla
89.  Jeff Montgomery
109.  Shane Andrews
On Deck Laser-Cuts:  4.  Sammy Sosa

Another Laser-Cuts beauty!  I was happy that my box produced all four laser-cut cards (they are seeded 4:37 packs) which means there are a few boxes that exist without four laser-cuts hiding within.  

Pack 32:
38.  James Baldwin
46.  Hal Morris
60.  Edgard Clemente
140.  Bob Abreu
173.  J.T. Snow
193.  Rafael Palmeiro

Not much in this pack but the Laser-Cut from the first pack made up for it.  The horizontal backs are quite nice (though they are not so nice mixed in with vertical backs)!  I actually meant to scan the back of the Palmeiro card but too late now!


  1. I pulled a Joey Votto manu patch out of a blaster I opened the other day, you have any interest in trading for it?


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