The Final Pack of Pacific Aurora

I'm sad that this is the 36th and final pack of the box, but based on my blog hits when I do Aurora pack breaks you guys got sick of Aurora about half a box ago.  Oh well, it's my blog...

Pack 36:
20.  Greg Maddux

33.  Mark Grace
102.  Jose Valentin
163.  Jim Leyritz
171.  Jeff Kent

188.  Fred McGriff

Well, that was a colossal dud of an ending pack, wasn't it?  Even worse than the player selection was the fact that all but the Maddux and Leyritz were duplicates.  I had hoped to finish the base set with just the packs in the box but that's a dead dream now.  I should have the cards I need posted to my want list before too long.


  1. I can't get enough bespectacled Maddux. Sad to see this box end....


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