Sunday, February 17, 2013

Todd Helton Pennant Fever!

How about a couple more packs of 1999 Pacific Aurora cards in an effort to prolong the weekend just a bit more?

Pack 19:
1.  Garret Anderson
68.  Brian Hunter
95.  Chan Ho Park
182.  Rolando Arrojo
196.  Jose Cruz Jr.
Pennant Fever:  9.  Todd Helton

It feels like it's been awhile since I've found a Pennant Fever insert card.  Since the cards are seeded 4:37 I'm just now back on track in terms of the stated odds.  For those interested in trading, the Rolando Arrojo and the Chan Ho Park are both duplicates for me.

Pack 20:
2.  Jim Edmonds

34.  Lance Johnson
100.  Geoff Jenkins
118.  Bobby Bonilla
185.  Aaron Ledesma
187.  Quinton McCracken

While the previous pack wasn't so bad, this last pack stunk.  Three of the six cards were duplicates (Jenkins, Ledesma, and McCracken).  I'm rapidly approaching a full second team set of both the Brewers and the Rays (two of the least popular teams on the blogs as it turns out).  Eesh.


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