Thursday, February 14, 2013

Top 10 Cards from Jaybarkerfan!

It's amazing how things ebb and flow on my blog.  It was about two years since I did a Top 10 trade post...and now you are seeing the second Top 10 Cards trade post in a week!

Wes (from Jaybarkerfan's Junk blog) recently sent me about 40 assorted Reds cards out of the blue (at least, I hope it was out of the blue as I don't have any trade request record)!  I certainly love getting mail (of the non-bill variety)...and it's even better when it's a package full of goodies for me (in this case, assorted Cincinnati Reds cards).

Although the stack numbered close to 40 cards, I've whittled down the pile to my 10 favorites.  As usual, here they are in reverse order.  However, before I unveil my top 10, here's a few of the runner ups (in addition to the Reds sticker logo above which almost made it into my top 10 just because I have an unhealthy love of baseball stickers from my childhood).

What ten cards could possibly have been better than the above three?  Behold!

#10:  2009 Topps Wal*Mart Black - Jerry Hairston

In 2009, I went crazy with the various Topps parallels.  In fact, I completed the base set plus the entire (series 1) Wal*Mart black set.  In addition, I'm one measly card away from having the entire series 1 Target Throwback parallel set complete as well.

#9:  2009 Topps Turkey Red - Johnny Cueto

Another '09 Topps card.  I collected the entire Turkey Red set (but only the first 100 cards).  Actually, I'm still missing a few of the Turkey Reds but I do have most of the set complete.  This Cueto is numbered 149 so it must have been part of the Updates set release (even I had to draw the line somewhere).  As such, it's a great addition to my collection in more ways than one!

#8:  1994 Fleer - Tom Browning

For some reason, I love the '94 Fleer set.  It's simple, but it works.  If I ever find a box cheap enough, I'd happily buy, bust, collate, and collect the heck out of that set.  This particular card is nice because I've always like Browning and I get a kick of the Reds uniform of the time (or as some call it, their pajamas).

#7:  1978 Topps - George Foster & Larry Hisle League Leaders

I've mentioned it before, but I prefer all of my cards to feature players from one team.  I don't mind cards with two or three players from a team if it fits some sort of theme or subset, but I don't usually like multi-team cards.  That said, it's basically impossible to not like this card - after all, one look at Foster's face is enough to know he means serious business.  I also like the spring training shots - life seems so simple.

#6:  2012 Bowman Platinum - Purple - Daniel Corcino

I wouldn't expect a card like this in a top 20 list, let alone ranked #6 in a top 10 list.  However, holding it in hand, I have to say it's a sharp looking card.  I don't know anything about Corcino (my biggest beef with Bowman in general) but I like the card - and that's all that matters.

#5:  2010 Upper Deck - Ryan Hanigan

For awhile, I had this card ranked as high as #2.  In the end, my senses got the better of me - you can't reward Upper Deck too much though at least this card is actually logo free.  The real reason I like it is the photo - Hanigan is a vastly underrated ballplayer...and he has quite a few great baseball card images.  The best part?  He's tagging out Lance Berkman, a player who's been a thorn in the Reds' side for way, way too long!

#4:  1983 Topps - Dave Concepcion

This card highlights "Great All Star Games" on the back.  In this case, the 1961 game where consecutive hits by Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Roberto Clemente in the 10th inning won the game for the National League.  It's amazing with a lineup like that that it took the NL 10 innings to win!

#3:  2009 Topps - Laynce Nix Gold Parallel #0417/2009

I guess I like the '09 Topps set still seeing as how it placed three cards in the top 10.  Actually, this one gets the nod because a)  it's a gold parallel and b) it has gold foil serial numbering.  I don't actually like a lot of foil on my base Topps cards - but I do want foil for the serial numbering.  I don't like the black stamp that Topps used for the past few years at all, it somehow seems both cheap and disingenuous.

#2:  2003 Fleer Mystique - Josh Hall #296/299

I admit that I don't know much about the Mystique line (despite having at least one box in a group break that I hosted in the past).  I do know that this is a shiny card (with silver foil numbering on the back).  I promise the scan doesn't do this card justice.  I've also always liked the idea of a team logo in the background of a card - something this card pulls of quite nicely.

#1:  1996 Bowman - Barry Larkin

There was only one Barry Larkin card in the stack of cards that Wes sent me - but it happened to be one that I didn't yet own!  That by itself is probably enough to put the card at the top of my Top 10 list - but the choice was even easier when I saw what a nice card this one happens to be.

Thanks for the cards Wes - I'll be sure to keep a look out for something to send in return.  As for anyone else - if you want to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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