Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why I Love Pacific Baseball Cards

Based on the posts I've written thus far, it seems that all of you are much more excited by the 1999 Pacific Aurora box than you were for the 1999 Fleer Ultra box.  I would say that's how I feel as well (which is why I saved the "best" box for last)!  The pack ripping has been so much fun so far that I'd like to rip two more tonight.

Pack 9:
At the conclusion of this pack, the box will be 25% complete!

21.  Albert Belle
50.  Roberto Alomar

74.  Alex Gonzalez
109.  Shane Andrews
147.  Jose Guillen
175.  Jeff Fassero

Not a lot to be excited about, but that's ok.  In a 36 pack box, not every pack has to be perfect.

Pack 10:
43.  Aaron Boone
45.  Barry Larkin

75.  Livan Hernandez
86.  Johnny Damon
177.  Carlos Guillen
On Deck Laser-Cuts:  6.  Manny Ramirez

Woah!  It took 10 packs but I finally found my first Red (Aaron Boone).  Even better, the pack contained a second Red, none other than Barry Larkin (a new one for my collection).  While that usually would be the best card in the pack, I think the honor actually goes to the Manny Ramirez Laser-Cut card.  I happen to love the cut out logo!  The stated odds say I should get about four of these in the box, here's hoping!

Did I ever mention that I love Pacific baseball cards?!  That last pack is going to be really, really difficult to beat.


Colbey Hopper said...

Pacific always was on the "cutting edge" back in the day.

tourist504 said...

That Laser Cut is so cool.

If you pull the Laser Cut Griffey, I'm calling dibs on the trade!!!!

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