Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another One of My Super Late Trade Posts! (Or How Baseball Dad Taught Me to Make a Table)

Most of my trading partners are like me.  By that, I mean that most of my trades consist of relatively simple card-for-card swaps.  Oh sure, there might be 20 cards going to one person with more (or less) going to the other person, but in general it's all cards.

Lately, I have delved a bit into cards for LEGO sets trades which has worked out well for me, but even that is relatively simple.

However, the blogosphere is blessed with a few generous traders who have a knack for including totally cool (and unexpected) surprises in trade packages.  One such person is Jack from All Tribe Baseball.

Jack actually sent this trade package back in September of last year, but I was hoping to have something additional to show off so I had delayed in writing a trade post.  What additional thing did I hope to have?  Well, I entertained the thought of making a table as a way to continue to improve my woodworking skills...

...not just any table though, a table that Jack included instructions for...

...a table meant for LEGO.  Oh yes!

Unfortunately, time (and money) were at a premium (and still are) and so I've shelved the idea (pun intended) of making the table for now...but if my wife and I ever have children interested in LEGO you better believe I'll be constructing Jack's table.  The above scan shows the final form of the table, basically using LEGO baseplates as the surface of the table.

That's not terribly unique, but here's where Jack's design shines:

A great (and yet simple) idea.  Make the legs of the table resemble LEGO building blocks as well.  It's an awesome idea that I definitely plan on using at some point in time!

The trade package wasn't only "how to" manuals, there was also a bunch of baseball related items.

First, the initial reason for the trade - a single Gypsy Queen card from my want list.

The Gypsy Queen set has been tough sledding in terms of completing the set so I'm happy to acquire any new cards.  It's an extra bonus when one of the needed cards that I acquire is a former great like Robinson!

Speaking of great, or more accurately, teams that won't be great in 2013:  Here's a Florida (Miami) Marlin diamond parallel of Logan Morrison that I also needed.

Two more cards checked off the 'ol want list, but Jack wasn't done with the goodies yet!

Jack threw in a 1992 Fleer 7-Eleven Barry Larkin card for me - an oddball Larkin is another wonderful card to get in a trade package.  I'm sure I'll have plenty more to say about the Larkin when I feature it my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection series of posts.

Finally, Jack added some other Reds related goodies including a few cards such as this Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion parallel (die cut):

...and a Kellogg's 3D card, something that everyone seems to love!

There was also a 2002 Donruss Studio Adam Dunn "card" of sorts that I definitely don't quite understand... looks (and feels) like one of those cheap credit card placeholders that you get in the mail from American Express.  It's certainly different, I'll give Donruss credit for that.  I also can see why the set wasn't hugely popular with collectors, super flimsy card stock.

As if all that weren't enough, there were three more suprises in the package.

First, a pack of 2003 Donruss Estrellas cards.

I haven't opened the pack up yet (I'll probably do that as it's own post sometime next week) but I'm looking forward to seeing what I get.

Next, a Cincinnati Reds magnet.  This will probably be going with me to my office at school tomorrow.  I already have a Reds banner hanging up in my office, now I'll have a magnet.

It's too bad that most of my students aren't baseball fans!

Finally, one of the oddest Reds-related items that I've ever gotten in a trade:

A Pepsi-Cola Super Star Shirt Offer "card" of sorts.  Pretty cool if you ask me!  The scan doesn't do the item justice, it's quite large (it filled up one side of my scanner).

Thanks for the awesome trade Jack!  Sorry it took so long for me to get it posted!

As for anyone else, if you want to trade, you know the drill.  Check the want list, make an offer, and then wait up to eight months for me to write a trade post.


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