Friday, March 08, 2013

Barry Larkin Collection 167: 1995 Leaf - #283

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Leaf
Card number: 283

The mid-90s were sort of a "dead era" when it comes to my personal collection.  By 1995, I was about to turn 13 years old.  Like most 13 year old boys, my attentions spanned many different things - baseball cards, playing outside, LEGO sets, movies, sports, and girls.  Also, like most 13 year olds, I didn't have any disposable income to speak of.  I was too old for my dad to buy me lots of cards yet too young to buy myself lots of cards (that wouldn't happen until closer to 1997 or 1998).  As such, I don't know much about the majority of the mid-90s releases such as this Leaf set.

On the surface, this is a fairly nice looking set.  I'm not a huge fan of the vertical team lettering on the front (and why so many different fonts?), but otherwise it is a nice card.  The back is a bit too stingy on statistics for my tastes, but I like the multiple (color) photos.  The fact that the card number is in a circle labeled "card number" cracks me up for some reason.  Considering the era, I would say that this is a fairly nice set.  I don't see myself ever trying to complete the entire set - but I wouldn't turn down cards from the set either!


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