MLB Predictions: Part II (AL Central)

Last night, I posted my AL East predictions.  Moving to the center of the country, let's take a look at how I see the AL Central breaking down at year's end.

AL Central - 2013:
1.  Tigers
2.  White Sox
3.  Royals
4.  Indians
5.  Twins

The AL Central is much, much less volatile than than AL East.  In fact, while I could envision a scenario where each of the AL East teams ends up in the playoffs, I can't say the same about the AL Central.

The Tigers appear to be heads-and-shoulders above the rest of the division.  If Detroit doesn't win the division by at least ten games it will be a minor upset.  Of course, most people said that about the Tigers last year and we all know how that turned out.

In second place, I see the White Sox sneaking in ahead of the rapidly improving Royals.  I think I'm more bullish on Chicago than a lot of people (I even drafted a couple of their players for my fantasy team).  However, I can't envision them toppling the Tigers.

The Royals are an interesting team in that if their youngsters all manage to be as good as the hype suggests then I could see Kansas City taking major steps forward.  In fact, it wouldn't totally shock me if the Royals end up in second place - but it also would shock me if they finished in fourth if their youngsters flounder.

The Indians and Twins bring up the rear in my predictions, though I know some people think the Indians have at least an outside shot this year.  Personally, any team that willingly trades for the strikeout machine known as Drew Stubbs is suspect in my mind - and since that's exactly what Cleveland did over the winter, I've got them fourth.

That leaves the Twins for last place.  To be honest, I don't know much about this year's Twins team.  I'm guessing that by year's end I still won't know much about them.  Hence, a last place prediction.

That concludes the second division in my preview series.  I plan on getting all six divisions complete by tomorrow afternoon - stay tuned.  And, as usual, let me know what you think.  Perhaps you find my views idiotic, feel free to say so - but maybe in a slightly nicer manner than simply saying I'm an idiot (though that might be a fair statement).