Some More Trade Bait!

A lot of cards on my want list are inserts, minis, and/or short prints.  In an effort to try and pry some of those type of cards away from you - I present some trade bait in a a similar vein.

All the cards below are from 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Edition.

Note:  I will also consider trading cards for unopened LEGO sets.

A Hero's Journey:
HJ-5, HJ-7, HJ-10, HJ-15

The four cards that I have for trade all tell the story of Abraham Lincoln.  They are quite nice - but I had my fill of Lincoln with the Obama/Lincoln short prints and thus I decided not to chase this set.

American Celebrity:
AC2.  B.B. King

AC4.  Penn & Teller

AC6.  Jesse Ventura

I'm not much of a celebrity guy so here you go.

Heroes of Spaceflight
HSF-2.  Project Mercury

In my opinion, this is the best insert set in the American Heritage set.  The Project Mercury card is my only duplicate (though I'm missing quite a few).

See anything you are interested in?  Check out my want list and make an offer!