Spring Break is Over - Wait, What?! (New Trade Bait Edition)

And just like that, my spring break is over.

Oh sure, I still have the weekend, but I get weekends normally.  Thus, to me, spring break is officially over for another year.  Since most of you probably don't get a spring break as part of your job description, I'm guessing you don't care about my plight.

Here's something you might care about though.  In my quest to get organized, I found a few cool cards to offer up for trade.  I've also been able to restock some of my team "for trade" piles (though certain teams are still perilously low on available cards).

I believe the following cards all came out of a set called Fan Pak (no "c" in the name) from 2009.  All are available for trade - preferably in exchange for cards on my want list.

Please note that all of these cards are slightly larger than your typical card.  Maybe 4" x 4" if I had to guess (no ruler handy).

Rick Ankiel - Cardinals

Vladimir Guerrero - Angels

Ichiro - Mariners

World Series Champs - Red Sox

The next batch of cards are from the same set except these are stand up cards (they come perforated so that you can make them stand on your desk).

Brian Roberts - Orioles

Jose Reyes - Mets

Carlos Zambrano - Cubs

Jimmy Rollins - Phillies

Finally, a pair of "fanTats".  I'm not sure anyone wants/collects things like this but I have two sheets of sweet tats available...

Reds, Homer!, Baseball emblem

Yankees, Brewers, MLB emblem

You never know what you might uncover when cleaning and organizing your collection!

Side note:  Thanks to Blogger's search function, I found my original post that I wrote back in 2009 when I bought the two packs of cards.  Feel free to check it out for more information on the various cards (including some of the card backs).


  1. What? You didn't put the Reds tat on your forehead !!


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