Today is the Last Day of Work...

...before spring break.

That's right.

The life of a college professor is often a thankless task filled with (more and more) spoiled students who expect the world on a silver platter handed to them.  However, for one brief, glorious week the children from the gilded cribs can be (mostly) forgotten in the spirit of spring break.

Wow, that sounded negative.  Maybe spring break is there simply for everyone (professors included) to take a step back, breathe deeply, and then prepare to tackle the final half of the spring semester.  Yeah, I think that's the correct reason.

Using's forecast as a guide, I think it's safe to say I won't actually see much in terms of spring like weather this coming week.  Thus, it'll be up to me to create my own little sunny paradise - a paradise that should (hopefully) be much more organized by the end of break.  Yes, my big spring break plans include organizing cards!

I'm hoping to update my want list with a few new sets that I want to finish off.  Some, such as 1990 Topps I own quite a few of already.  Otherwise, well, let's just say that I'm guessing my want list will increase fairly dramatically in size shortly.

Although those are great plans, today is only Friday.  And Friday is a work day.  In fact, I'm giving one of my classes an exam today and reviewing with my other classes for their exams which occur the week we come back from spring break.  Busy times!

Since I plan to do a lot of organizing, I'm also hoping to get a few more trades completed this coming week. Let's try and see if I can spur a few more trades on - here are some available cards from my recent Fleer Ultra box break.

As always, check my want list and make an offer!


  1. I'm excited for spring break because the students AND faculty go home, making everyone's lives easier! :D

  2. MORE breaks?

    You don't know the gap I have between week breaks. I believe it's about 7 months.

  3. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I was pretty sure in college that Spring Break was just a time to go get hammered in warm weather :)


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