Saturday, March 23, 2013

Topps American Heritage: The Conclusion (Saving the Best for Last)

Earlier today, I posted the last few "regular" pages of my 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Edition set.  Included in that post were some photos that I took back when I had the opportunity to watch the space shuttle Atlantis launch in Florida (check it out if you missed the post).  For the final post for American Heritage Week, I present the final page of the binder - a page that just so happens to include two of the coolest cards I own in my entire collection!

Page 24:

Top left:  Space Shuttle Atlantis Orbiter Payload Bay Liner

Top right:  Spacelab wiring

Bottom left:  Col. Gordon R. Roberts shirt piece

Bottom right:  retail blaster odds

I like keeping the odds and/or pack wrappers in my sets - that's something that I've only recently begun to do for my various completed sets so that explains the bottom right addition.  As for the Roberts relic, quite honestly I only still have that because I haven't found a trade partner for it - I'd love to acquire another Spaceflight relic.

Speaking of spaceflight relics:

From Group A (seeded 1:130 retail packs), Space Shuttle Atlantis Orbiter Payload Bay Liner.

It's a nifty little card with what appears to be gold colored tin foil within the relic window.  It's even more awesome (to me) because I got to see Atlantis' final launch!

The other Spaceflight relic that I own is a card featuring wiring from Spacelab.

The Spacelab wiring cards were seeded 1:500 so I hit the proverbial jackpot with the above card (at least in terms of rarity from a blaster)!  The wiring card is also super thick - so thick, in fact, that I couldn't store my relics in a typical 9 pocket page.  Rather, I had to opt for the next best thing that I owned, a four pocket page that I usually use for the N43 Allen & Ginter cards.

I should note that while I don't have any attachments to the Roberts relic, it was seeded 1:126 packs so it too was a fairly rare pull.  Unlike the spaceflight relics, Col. Gordon Roberts is available for trade - again, preferably for a Spaceflight relic.

That concludes my tour through the 2009 Topps American Heritage set.  I hope you enjoyed seeing all the cards as much as I enjoyed writing the posts.  It is fun to (once in a while) really delve deep into a particular set.  I must say, this set would make an excellent "blog set" where you examine each card one-by-one (preferably pulling in more pieces of history and other photos for each event in the set).  Good stuff by Topps - a set that I hope they revive again before too long (maybe once every five years or so).


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