Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 14

This is the final page containing cards that weren't considered short prints.

Page 14:

Best photo:  Battle of the Bulge
I don't think there's a more stark contrast to be found on any card in the set - a lush, beautiful landscape dotted with some of the most serious (and cold) soldiers that you can imagine finding.

Best subject:  Flight 93
As a Pennsylvania resident, it's nice to see Flight 93 get a mention in a set like this.  To this day, I can't imagine being on the plane and deciding to take matters into your own hands.  Scary to be sure, but if the accounts are true the people aboard the plane are among the most heroic of all people within the set.

Best surprise:  Battle of Guadalcanal
I've taken quite a few history classes over my lifetime but the Battle of Guadalcanal is one that always seems to get glossed over.  Sure, it was important but it never seems to get much attention.  At least Topps recognized that and made a card for the battle in the set.

Best card back:  First American Spaceflight
Anytime you get the line "the mission was an unqualified success" on a card, it's gotta be golden!

Best card:  Battle of the Bulge
Some of the best imagery on any card (with a nod to the D-Day card as well).