Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 18

I've now shown you the entire 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Edition base set - and last post I began in on the inserts (at least of the insert sets that I have decided to try and collect).  From here on out, it'll be all inserts!

Page 18:

As you can see, I am missing one of the nine cards on this page (#4 for those interested in helping a guy out).

I'm not entirely on board with the pattern of calling professional athletes "heroes" unless they managed to do something else with their lives besides score lots of points or hit a boat load of home runs.  Of the various players on this page, only Frank Robinson (and perhaps Roy Campanella) would fit my definition of a hero.  The others were certainly great players in their day, but they weren't heroes.

PS:  Wouldn't you know that Topps would give Mickey Mantle #7 in the set.  So sick of Mantle.