Friday, March 22, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Pages 15, 16, & 17

The Topps American Heritage Heroes edition set ends with a bunch of Barack Obama / Abraham Lincoln short prints.  Unfortunately, other than different head shots of the two men (and two lines of information on the back), the cards are all the same (and thus quite boring).

Page 15:

Page 16:

Page 17:

Since I have the base set complete, I decided to use the three empty spaces on the bottom of page 17 to begin my collection of inserts.  First up (and the remainder of page 17) are the History of Sport cards.

I don't have the full set quite yet, but I do have a bunch of them (including the first three cards).

It's hard to argue with Jackie Robinson getting the nod as the first card in the Heroes of Sport set.  I would have liked to see someone like Billie Jean King in the second spot of the set rather than Babe Ruth but what can you do - at least it wasn't Mickey Mantle!

I plan to continue showing the remaining pages from the set - though be warned they won't all be complete (help!).


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