Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Group Break #2: Topps Tribute Pack #1

I mentioned it last night - I was able to bust the entire box.  For now, you'll get a slow pack-by-pack reveal. I did make a video of the entire break that I'll also post when all is said and done, then you can be amused by my witty commentary (just kidding, nothing witty happened).

2013 Topps Tribute:
Pack 1:
28.  Justin Verlander - Tigers

41.  Ryan Braun - Brewers

48.  Mike Trout - Angels

100.  Ty Cobb - Tigers

TA-EE2.  Autograph #01/15:  Edwin Encarnacion - Blue Jays

The group break begins with a gorgeous on card autograph for the Blue Jays (numbered 1 out of 15 no less).  Congrats to the Tigers for landing a pair of base cards right away too.

I must say, the base cards are really nice in this product.  In fact, if I were a wealthy man, I could see myself chasing the base set!  I love the old time players mixed in with current guys - and they are all so shiny!  I can see how people can get addicted to opening high end stuff - though unless I win the lottery tomorrow or something I don't see me getting addicted any time soon!


The Junior Junkie said...

That was exciting - keep 'em coming!

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