Sunday, April 14, 2013

Barry Larkin Collection 175: 1995 Topps Stadium Club - #35

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Topps Stadium Club
Card number:  35

The 1995 Topps Stadium Club set presents an interesting dichotomy of card design.  On the front of the card, you get a rather gritty, realistic portrayal of Major League Baseball.  Plenty of photos (including Barry Larkin's) include dirty uniforms, dusty fields, and/or gritty plays.  On the other hand, the backside of each base card is presented in an almost whimsical manner.  You get an actual photo of Larkin that is then copied in an artistic style to serve as the background.  Overall, the design works well - except for the vertical text (yuck) on the back of the card - something that should never be mimicked again.


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