Saturday, April 27, 2013

Barry Larkin Collection 176: 1995 Select - #52

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Select
Card number:  52

The '95 Select card is a hodgepodge of decent ideas that are poorly executed.  On the front you have a fairly nice action photo of Barry plus a smaller action photo inset to the right.  The team logo is plastered on top of the smaller photo and then the player's name is at the bottom (and is difficult to read).  The back features a third photo - this time in black and white plus a year of statistics and a short blurb.  The bottom of the card is filled with logos and other branding marks.  Oh yeah, don't forget the fake red marble look that is present on both the front and back of the card - the only element that is carried over.

As it is, it's not my favorite card ever - but it does beat a lot of the other 1995 offerings from other brands.  Based on my collection, I've decided that 1995 was not an ideal time to be a card collector.  Yuck!


Brendan Taylor said...

I actually Like those but they are a bit obscure and a bad representation of my birth year lol. Love the blog btw I just started following check mine out feel free to join the site

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