Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Delivery Time! Card Anathema Surprises Me with Vintage!

Sometimes you write something with a headline that's ever-so-slightly misleading to draw in viewers.  This is one of those times.  Did you come here expecting to see some 1960s Topps card since I mentioned vintage?  If so, I apologize for my trickery.  Instead, you get a different sort of vintage...some Upper Deck Vintage to be precise:

109.  Jermaine Dye

The 2001 UD Vintage set is a really nice set if you ask me - so nice, in fact, that I've decided to try and complete the full thing.  Of course, I'm missing a boatload of cards from the set so any help (such as what Matt from Card Anathema provided) is appreciated!

202.  Jim Edmonds

I found myself liking Edmonds a lot more prior to his stint as a St. Louis Cardinal.

354.  New York Yankees Vintage Rookies

Both Jimenez and Wily Mo Pena had a stint with the Reds - but only Pena was able to be flipped for a great starting pitcher (that being Bronson Arroyo in a trade with the Red Sox).  For that reason alone, I like this card (despite the "Yankee-ness" of the card).

380.  AL Championship Series - Game 4

Speaking of Yankees, blech.  This game was won by New York via a 5-0 score.  I will say that this is a terrible photo - you can't see Clemens at all!

Thanks for the cards Matt - getting a few more cards knocked off my want list makes for a great day!  And, as always, if anyone else wants to trade - check out my full want list and make an offer!


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