Saturday, April 20, 2013

E Rayhahn, rayhahn. (A Top 10 Cards Trade)

David, aka Rhubarb Runner from e rayhan, rayhahn and I recently completed a trade of "my favorite team for your favorite team."  More specifically, David requested a bunch of Twins from me - and in return sent me a bunch of Reds.  David sent me 11 different Reds - let's look at my Top 10 in the trade!

Honorable mention:

Since this is a top 10 list, something had to be left off.  In true baseball card fashion, let's leave off the UD Documentary card.  Basically, the UD Documentary set idea was fairly fantastic...but the execution was so poor that it ruined the set for me.  Even so, I (begrudgingly) accept any Reds cards from the set because I'm a sucker!


I've featured this card on my blog before, but I like it enough that it cracks the Top 10.  A good Ken Griffey Jr. card should always make a Top 10 list - even if it is duplicate!


Devin Mesoraco is supposed to be the Reds next "Johnny Bench."  Ok, that's not true - but he is supposed to be a good player.  I will say that he appears more "Golem"-like than he does least in this photo.


I have no idea who Juan Duran is - obviously he's not a highly touted prospect...  I do kind of like the green border, but not with the Reds uniform.  Basically, this card is everything that Bowman usually is - lots of good ideas but somehow it simply doesn't work as a whole for me.


A new 2013 Topps card for me makes me happy.  I'm still not 100% sold on Mesoraco, but I'm hopeful that he'll pan out for the Reds.  At least he doesn't look quite so scary in this photo.


From the card back, "the Reds are moving to the Great American Ball Park in 2003, but they may not have to implode Cinergy Field if Dunn keeps bringing the house down."  Oh my, that is so bad it's awesome.


I'm a big fan of the Fleer Ultra line - and the Gold Medallion parallels are a fun addition to the set.  In fact, I'm considering trying to track down all the Reds Gold Medallion parallels from the 1999 Fleer Ultra set - so this one helps big time.


A Johnny Cueto refractor is always nice.  Cueto has become a true #1 pitcher for the Reds, something Cincinnati hasn't had in many, many years.  Even better, you can almost make the argument that Mat Latos is also a true #1, though he's #2 on the current Reds squad.  That's a good thing!


Bronson Arroyo may not ever be labeled as a #1 pitcher, but he's been the Reds most consistent pitcher for the better part of a decade now.  The trade that brought Arroyo to Cincinnati (and sent Wily Mo Pena to Boston) is one of the Reds best trades of all time in my book.


For some reason, I really enjoy the clear acetate cards (at least in small doses).  This Donruss Studio card from 2003 is a nice idea and makes for a fun insert set.

And finally, the #1 card of the trade:


That's right, Ken Griffey Jr. acts as a book end for the Top 10 list securing both the #10 and the #1 slot.  I'm 99% certain that this card is brand new to me - and it's gorgeous.  I love it!

Thanks for the trade David!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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