Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trade Bait of a Different Sort...

My loyal readers know that I am in the midst of a collection clean up of sorts.  It's been a slow process (and with the upcoming week being the final week of the semester it will continue to be a slow process for a bit longer).  However, even with my slow rate of organization, I've still managed to uncover some gems that I had forgotten about.  

The other day, I found a box full of SportsClix figures from 2004.  

For some reason, I bought a TON of the figures - for their size they really are quite remarkable.  I never got into the game aspect of the set, but I did work on trying to collect every figure.  Somewhere (yet to be found), I have a checklist with the figures that I still need...but I figured there's unlikely to be much trading on the blogs in terms of this set.  

However, just because I don't expect others to have many figures available for trade doesn't mean I won't trade away my duplicates!

In today's post, you can see three different figures (Michael Young - Rangers, Brad Ausmus - Astros, and Todd Helton - Rockies).  The three pictured ballplayers are all duplicates and thus available for trade (or sale).  I know I have a bunch of others, it will take a bit of sorting on my end to figure out exactly who/what I have though.  If anyone is interested in other figures - let me know!  


dayf said...

I've got a bunch of these things lying around somewhere. If you find any Braves you don't want let me know and I can send some of mine your way.

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