Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Tribe Mail Day... Post 2 of 2 (Larkin Edition)

Yesterday, I posted part 1 of a recent trade with Jack from All Tribe Baseball.  Today, we take a look at the second half of the trade package:  The Barry Larkin cards!

Jack sent me seven different Larkin cards - including two that I know for sure I didn't already own (plus a third that might be new to me).  I really need a better way of keeping track of what Larkins I own (besides my slowly growing Barry Larkin Collection on the blog).

Anyhow, since I already did a Top 10 in the previous post, let's mix things up this time.  Here are my "one line thoughts" on each of the seven Larkin cards.  You want more than a single line?  You'll have to wait until I feature each card in my ongoing Larkin Collection!

1990 Upper Deck - Reds Checklist

The first Larkin "special" card I can remember owning as a kid.

1997 Upper Deck

This one might be new to my collection, my 1997 collection is sorely lacking.

1994 Topps Stadium Club

Is this a hop, skip, or jump?

1993 Donruss Triple Play

I love the wristband with Larkin's own mug on it, keep it classy man!

1993 Score Gold Stars:

I know this is a new card for my collection - some sort of insert that I never heard of before!

1997 Collector's Choice Stick 'Ums

I loved, loved, loved the Stick 'Ums as a kid - never got the Larkin sticker back then though.

1998 Upper Deck (giant card)

This must have been a box topper or something, it's much larger than a "normal" card.

Thanks for the trade Jack!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!



Always glad to help when I can! The "Jumbos", as they were called, were a mail-in redemption. Only 15 random cards were available.

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