Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Check Out My Cards - Volume V: Short Prints are Just Another Synonym For Annoying

In a few days, I expect that the boxes of 2013 Topps Archives will arrive at my house.  There should be three boxes coming - all of which are to be used for my upcoming Archives group break.  While I'm excited for the opportunity to open up something new, there's still time to focus on something a bit older.  

Not much older though - we only go back one year to last year's edition of Topps Archives for today's peek into my Check Out My Cards order.

I ended up with a couple of Archives card.  We'll start with the one that I'm happiest to acquire - this Lance Parrish.

Now, I don't really care much about Parrish either way, he played before my time so he isn't a fan favorite or anything.  What he is though is the FINAL short print that I needed from the base set!  That means I now have the entire base set complete including all the short prints.  Compared to how long sets like Topps Heritage have taken me, that's not too bad to finish it off in about a year's time.

I also bought one of the two remaining Archives reprint cards that I needed for my set - this nice Gary Carter card.

At this point, I'm almost done with the 2012 edition of Topps Archives, in fact, I only need the following:
2012 Topps Archives Wants:
Classic Combos:  58- KK, LM, SC, SF
In Action:  82IA- CR, I, JE, JH, KG
Archive reprints:  164 Roberto Clemente
There's hope for this set yet!  There's still four more cards left in the Check Out My Cards envelope - two cards each from two different sets (including a relic).  What relic could I have possible purchased?  Stay tuned!


arpsmith said...

Congrats, I agree with the content of you title and feel the same way.

I finished this base set with SPs off recently as well (except for the stupid SSP Harper card) and need to finish the 3 insert sets you are working on as well. I need 3 more reprints and a majority of the In Action and Classic Combo cards. Those have been hard for me to track down, any tips?

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