Saturday, May 18, 2013

Know What Makes Me Sad?

Before I get to what makes me sad, let me say something that makes me happy:  My youngest brother is graduating college this year - in fact, today was his graduation ceremony.  I have to admit, it makes me feel super old knowing that he's graduated - but I'm proud of him.  In fact, he's heading to Nebraska next fall in order to start working on his Ph.D in biology.  Good for him I say!

Now, on to the post at hand:

This makes me sad.

You are looking at my Trade Counter on the side of my blog.

In 2010, I sent out 122 trade packages (an average of just over 10 per month).
In 2011, I upped the total to 166 trade packages (an average of almost 14 per month).
In 2012, my trade totals dropped but still crept over 100 (average of almost 9 per month).

What about 2013?

To date, I've mailed out 40 trade packages which is an average of only 8 per month so far this year.  I'm a bit off the pace of 2012 which was a down year for trading...and I'm way off both 2010 and 2011.

What's the cause?

I believe the biggest culprit is my budget.  I haven't bought a single 2013 product to date.  Last year, I didn't buy anything other than Topps Archives and Allen & Ginter.  This year is shaping up to be the same, though I may not even go all-in on Archives since I'm hosting a group break which will (hopefully) net me the full Reds set.

Am I out of stuff to trade away?

In a word, no.  I have plenty of lists up on my blog (you can find them all at the top of the blog).  However, maybe people just don't have any interest in tracking down more 2008 Topps Heritage or 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter.

Am I too difficult to trade with?

I certainly hope not, though I realize a lot of the stuff remaining on my want list is of the short print or insert variety.  I've tried to make it a bit easier by adding a few new sets to the want list plus I'm now trading for just about any LEGO set I can get my hands on (and also LEGO minifigures that come in the little sealed packages for about $3.00 a piece).

So what do you say?  Want to trade?  Let me know by shooting me an email, I'd love to continue to unload some of my extras (and hopefully continue to acquire stuff that I actually want)!  I'm still optimistic that I can top 100 trades for the year, but I can't do it without you!


Stealing Home said...

To answer from my POV, I just don't seem to have anything you're looking for.

It seems you're a set guy, but I don't organize my cards by set and number. I may very well have some of your needs lying about, but I just don't know offhand if I have 2011 A&G #212, if you follow my drift.

I do hope you know who's faces are on those cards you need, because if you ever se them on my blog, I'll be more than happy to help you knock those cards off your wantlists.

Swing And A Pop-up said...

Ditto to what Stealing Home said. I don't have what you're looking for. At least I think I don't, but I'm so unorganized it takes me a long time to find cards for people. I'm working on the organization thing, though.

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