Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When A Letter Begins "I was cleaning out cards and..." (Part 2)

Last night, I hinted at a rather eccentric (and awesome) trade package that I recently received from blog reader David.  Since I've been struggling to come up with much to write about here at Nachos Grande lately*, this package was awesome for a variety of reasons.

*at least my Barry Larkin Collection posts are getting done - up to 184 and counting!

Now that the envelope has been ripped and the contents viewed, let's look at a few of the goodies.  As it turns out, many of the cards I'll be keeping but there are a few that I'll make available to others who might love them.  This is a first look, there will be more cards in another post (don't miss it)!

We begin our tour with the most boring card in the envelope - and it's not really boring at all (though you'll soon see why it is dwarfed by all the other goodness)!  This is an Aroldis Chapman Topps Town card.

I still think I'm the only one out there that actively collected the Topps Town set.  The Chapman is from the 2011 Topps set (which I've completed) but I'm also still looking for a few more from the 2009 set.  For ease, here's what I need:

2009 Topps Base Series 1 & 2 Needs:
Turkey Red inserts: TR24, TR27, TR36, TR63
Legends of the Game (Series 2) insert: (#ed LG-???): Mariano Rivera
Topps Town (Gold Version): TTT29, TTT33, TTT46

Moving on to new stuff - a couple of GORGEOUS Gypsy Queen paper parallels.

I love, love, LOVE these cards.  In fact, this makes me want to go and buy Gypsy Queen this year - a set that I promised myself I wouldn't buy...  If anyone else has any GQ parallels for trade (Reds of course), let me know.  David also sent me a few other Gypsy Queen cards of the mini type but you'll have to wait until a future post for those.  Consider this a sampler post of sorts.

Speaking of sampling, how about some autographs?

We begin with Rafael Garcia.

I don't know anything about Garcia and a quick Google search didn't help...the main Rafael Garcia that pops up there is a 25 year old soccer player for the LA Galaxy.  I don't think that's the same guy.

David sent me a bunch of other autographs of people that I have heard of including Doug Jones and Heath Bell.

Moving into even more esoteric territory, we have a mascot card of the Lowell Spinners' Canaligator.

How awesome is a Canaligator?  I say it's super awesome.  I think that Topps should include a "Minor League Mascots" insert set in Allen & Ginter sometime - creatures like the Canaligator deserve more recognition.

Another minor league card found its way into the envelope, this being of Nefatli Feliz.

At least I've heard of him (though not the Clinton LumberKings).

Finally, we end with a super shiny gold card of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Of all the cards that David sent my way, this is my least favorite - but only because I'm a Steelers fan and Tom Brady is annoyingly good.  I will say the scan is horrendous - the card is much, much nicer in person (even if it is Brady).

Thanks for the goodies David - and I'll have another post to show off a few more of the cards.  I haven't even gotten to my favorite couple of cards in the package yet!


David in the north said...

Rafael Garcia is usually listed as Ralph Garcia in english. Pitched a couple of years in majors but for many years after in the mexican league where he is a HoF'er. I think the photo is at the Mexican Hall.

I loved those white framed as well--just finished the set of them (GQ cheated and only did 100 of the set as framed so it wasn't that hard).

Glad you like the cards and it feels good to get rid of them to someone who appreciated!

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