Sunday, May 19, 2013

When A Letter Begins "I was cleaning out cards and..." (The Finale!)

Note:  This is part 5 of a series of posts highlighting a trade package full of random goodies from blog reader David.  You can find part 4 here (and subsequent back links from there).


Now that we've taken a look at most of the stuff in the trade package, it's time to turn our attention to some of my favorites that I haven't yet discussed.  We begin by going back to Gypsy Queen (you may recall I also landed some beautiful bordered cards in the trade envelope).  This time, it's a nice handful of Reds minis - including Frank Robinson and Mat Latos (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite Reds).

I happen to like the minis a lot (which is no surprise as they are basically the same as Allen & Ginter minis).  I'm still trying to maintain an outlook of "don't buy Gypsy Queen" but ever card that someone sends me from the '13 set makes me want to go whole hog for the entire set.  I must be strong's almost Ginter season!

The final Gypsy Queen card from David is this beauty:

What an awesome, awesome looking card!  The border, the photo, heck, even the theme of the insert set is great.  I even like the little blurb on the back about Bench's method of avoiding injury on plays at the plate:
"His approach was to stay off the plate until he got the ball, allowing the runner to get a full view of the dish.  That encourages the runner to think 'slide' rather than 'smash.'"

Moving out of professional baseball one more time, David sent me a bunch of assorted autographs.  I've shown off most of them but here's two more that I haven't shown:

The Mamie Redman card is nice but i kind of like the Fleming business card better - it's definitely something unique (and would fit in great with a Topps Heritage American Heroes type set).

Now, I've teased this long enough - let's wrap up the series of posts on the trade package from David by showing off my two favorite cards (out of all the greatness) that he sent me.

The runner up?  This 1969 Deckle Edge card (number 15 of 33) of Tommy Davis of the Seattle Pilots.

This is my first original Deckle Edge card in my collection - and you better believe I'll treasure it.  I don't have much in the way of vintage stuff so anytime I get acquire something sort of old I'm happy - it's even better when it's a cool or interesting card like the Davis.

Finally, there's one more card to show off and that's this beauty:

Wow.  That's a 1968 Fleer card celebrating the Reds winning the 1940 World Series over the Detroit Tigers (4 games to 3).  I love the card and I love the fact that it celebrates the Reds winning!

Thanks for the awesome, awesome trade package David.  I hope this series of posts did it justice.  And, as usual, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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