Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen Box Break: The Not-So-Thrilling Conclusion

The end of the box is here...and what a crap-tastic box it was.  I guess you all are probably happy the crappy box was for me and the great boxes were for the recent group break.  Oh least I'm getting closer to completing the Gypsy Queen base set.

Pack 22:

And there it is, three packs from the end we find the fourth and final hit of the box.  I waited all that time to get an autograph of freaking Michael Morse...and to make it worse, it sure looks like he signed it upside down...or at least uphill.  I'm not impressed.  Also, bonus points if you can make out any sort of Michael or Morse in that signature.  I didn't think so.

Pack 23:

The next kick in the proverbial nuts?  Pack 23 led off with another Cardinal and the mini AND one insert were both Nationals.  I think this is Topps' way of telling me to never buy Gypsy Queen again.

Pack 24:

Yep.  My $80.00 box ends with a single, crappy mini.

I did get the little mini box of 10 minis but my box didn't hold anything great (big shocker there, I know).  The variation minis don't even seem to sell on eBay - but I'll probably try regardless.  Might as well try to make a buck back or so on this pissy box.

Oh well - now to collate and see if I have any hope of completing the base set!


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