Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen Box Break: Packs 4 - 6

Happy Monday!

Pack 4:

Pack 4 had two more Cardinal base cards in it...but luckily I'm not scanning base cards.  The mini is probably decent trade bait as the number of Giants fans on the blogs seems to be increasing.

Pack 5:

This pack was a disappointment in that it held TWO Joe Nathan base cards.  Yep, duplicates in the same pack...I thought that was something that card companies squashed by the mid-90s.  Boo to Topps.

Pack 6:

The bright red border of the Dealing Aces card does not go with Dickey's uniform at all, yuck!

The first three packs were decidedly more interesting than the three you see here...I guess that's fitting for a Monday morning as just about anything is better than a Monday too.


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

but on the contrary, the red border on Halladay's No Hitters really matches up well and makes for an awesome looking card. I really need to hunt down the Phillies No Hitters and Dealing Aces cards from this year's offering.

arpsmith said...

I could use the McCovey but all my cards are packed up for the move. I will touch base once I am settled to see if it is still around.

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