Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Gypsy Queen Blaster!

I'm going to take a short hiatus from the group break in order to open up a blaster's worth of cards that are for me, me, me!  This is the second GQ blaster that I've purchased - and I have one more waiting to be opened sitting on my desk.  I'll probably open the third once I get more of the group break stuff completed.  Anyhow, rather than a pack by pack breakdown of the blaster I figured it'd be more fun (for me) to do a quick highlights of the entire blaster.

I must say, I like this year's Gypsy Queen set - so much so that I think I'm going to try and complete it.  This particular blasted was decent in terms of helping me complete the base set.  Unfortunately, decent means that I now have six duplicate base cards ready to be swapped for cards that I actually need!

You've all seen plenty of the base cards so here are the inserts out of my blaster.  I'm still undecided whether to chase all, some, or none of the insert sets...

Regular minis:
Eddie Murray, Ryan Vogelsong, Jean Segura, Johnny Bench, Aaron Hill, Alex Gordon, and Derek Norris

If you count, you'll see that's only seven minis.  My eighth mini was one of the much rarer green minis.

Green Mini:

This one of Ivan Nova of the New York Yankees.  The bad news is that I have no interest in the card, despite it being numbered out of 99 (specifically 86/99).  The good news?  It'll either go in a trade or else on eBay or Listia.  I know someone out there wants it...

No-Hitters & Dealing Aces:

I feel like these two sets are almost redundant.  Heck, even the design is quite similar.  I ended up with teo No-Hitters (Verlander and Humber) and two Dealing Aces (Bauer and Bundy).

Collisions at the Plate & Sliding Stars:

Although not exact copies, I think Topps could have done one or the other in terms of these two insert sets as well.  In this case, I ended up with one copy of each.  My Collision card was Buster Posey and my Sliding Star was Derek Jeter.  If I end up only collecting a few of the insert sets, I think I'll opt for the Collisions at the Plate sine I like the design a bit better.

Finally, the Glove Stories:

I actually like this set quite a bit - this time I got Werth and Machado.  Seem familiar?  Yeah, my last blaster had the exact same two cards...  Ugh!  The one insert set that I'm most likely to complete and all I get are duplicates.  Both are available for trade.

Not the worst blaster, but not quite as good as the first blaster where I landed a black bordered mini plus a relic (even though the green minis are rarer I like the black ones better*).

*That's what she said.**

**Sorry, had to.


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