Sunday, June 30, 2013

Continuing my 2013 Archives Box: Packs 4 - 6

I think it is time for me to continuing delving into my Archives box.  Will I find one of the two promised autos?

Pack 4:

This pack had a sticker card but I'm scanning the Altuve instead.  I believe Altuve is the only Astros' card in the set which I find appalling.  Every team should be represented by at least two cards in a 200 card set!

Pack 5:

The Miller is a short print which I needed - the Sandberg and Robinson are simply nice lookin' cards!

Pack 6:

Pack 6 featured a pair of my least favorite Cardinals (Molina and Freese).  I won't be scanning them.  Instead, you can stare at this redemption card that is seeded 1 per box.  For me, with no hobby shops near me, this is a wasted card.

I'm now done with one fourth of the box.  Still looking for the two promised hits but at least I've found a few new short prints for my set.  Good stuff so far, can't wait to see what else I get.  I hope you are enjoying opening the packs with me vicariously.


JediJeff said...

2x3 Heroes - proudly accepting wasted cards since 1986. Or some time frame like that.

Backstop Cards said...

The Padres got shut OUT last year by Archives, only getting a few cards from the "reprint" section of the checklist. Being "blessed" with 2 cards this year (1% of a 200 card checklist) still seems weak, but not as bad as the Astros treatment. Plus, it's the same shot they used for Altuve's base card.

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