Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finally: A Hobby Box of 2013 Archives for Me! (MY BEST PULL EVER - probably)

It's finally time for me to open my own box of 2013 Topps Archives.  After cracking the three group break boxes (which were awesome boxes in my opinion), I was so inspired that I made an order for myself and purchased my own box.

The Archives box, along with the terrible Gypsy Queen box that I opened last week, are the first two major purchases that I've made for myself (in terms of cards) since last year's Allen & Ginter set.  I'm hopeful that my Archives box treats me quite a bit better than the GQ box did...if not, chances are I'm done buying myself boxes of cards!

Without any more delay (because I'm impatient), let's crack the box open!

The first thing I found when I opened up my box?  This little silver pack.

Now, based on the back of the box, there are four different box toppers.
1.  Autographed Scorecard Redemptions (1:153 boxes)
2.  Touched by Greatness Redemptions (1:178 boxes)
3.  1971 Topps Greatest Moments (1:8 boxes)
4.  1971 Topps Greatest Moments Autograph (1:178 boxes)

Based on the group break where we pulled the R.A. Dickey Greatest Moments autograph, I can safely rule out #4 (and, by extension #3).  Which mean, this should be something cool!

What did I get?  Drum roll...


This box is ALREADY much, much better than the Gypsy Queen box and I haven't even opened up a single promised pack yet...  Last year, the touched by greatness card was of Cal Ripken Jr. - no word yet on who this year's subject is.  I also haven't decided whether to hold the card or sell it on eBay while the goings are good (last two sold for about $450).

No matter what, wow!

I'm too excited right now to even bother opening up the regular packs, you'll have to wait another day for those.



Mark Kaz said...

Way cool!

Swing And A Pop-up said...

Hopefully you get it relatively quick. I'm still waiting on a 2102 Bowman Redemption auto.

P-town Tom said...

Great pull!

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