Saturday, June 22, 2013

Group Break Recap: Part II

This morning, I posted part I of the group break recap which highlighted the short prints and inserts pulled.  Now, it's time to shift our attention to the hits and cards seeded 1 per box (or rarer).

Each hobby box comes with one redemption card that you are supposed to bring to your local hobby shop and exchange for a card from Topps' vault.

These will be randomized among the various group break participants.

The Topps BK inserts are seeded 1:24 packs which means we should have gotten one per box - which is exactly what transpired.

The Topps BK set consists of 20 total cards in the checklist - a set that seems virtually impossible to complete unless you are case buster (or a big fan of buying cards on eBay or the like).  I'm not much of a fan of these though I would have liked to have pulled the Johnny Bench card for my personal collection.  Alas, no such luck there - but three group break teams did well!

Each hobby box also contains a Stadium Club Triumvirate card (seeded 1:24 packs).

There are a total of 7 Triumvirates in the set (21 total cards).  We found three cards as expected...but none that went together.  Even so, it's a nice start to the collection for the Orioles, Tigers, and Phillies!

For your standard hobby box, that's the end of the "promised" inserts.  However, there is one more insert set that is fairly common, though not quite one-per-box.  I am referring to the Gallery of Heroes - BY FAR my favorite insert set in 2013 Archives.  Although the cards are seeded 1:31 packs, we lucked out and landed a Gallery of Heroes card in each of the three boxes.

They are gorgeous - so much so that despite the fact that there are no Reds in the set I'm still thinking this might be the one insert set that I chase.  I love 'em - and if you have any for trade let me know ASAP!

Each hobby box also promises two autographs.  The box actually says two fan favorite autographs but it turns out that the Heavy Metal autos count as "fan favorites" which stinks (at least for me since I don't care about heavy metal).  Here are the five fan favorite autographs that we pulled in the three boxes:

There might not be "big names" there but I like having the opportunity to pull autographs of solid players from yesteryear.  I'm sure most people have at least heard of all the guys pulled.  It should be noted that the pack wrapper states Fan Favorite autos fall 1:14 packs which would then take into account other autograph options (such as All-Star autos, framed autos, and heavy metal autos).

The sixth auto was the Heavy Metal autograph.

They happen to be seeded 1:153 packs which makes them quite rare, though that rarity isn't enough to make them overly appealing to me.  I will, of course, randomize the heavy metal auto between the various group break teams without a hit - but I'll be withdrawing my second team from consideration...all I'd do is sell it on eBay anyhow so it might as well not have a chance to be randomized to me.

Although that concludes the cards we should have gotten, we landed a few extras worth mentioning!  First, printing plates are seeded 1:536 packs but we were lucky enough to land an Ian Kennedy plate for the Diamondbacks.  A 1-of-1 for those that like that sort of thing!

At least the black printing plate gives you a good indication of the card, I'd guess the yellow plate would be pretty dull for Mr. Kennedy.

Although not as rare as the printing plates, we also pulled a relic card.  The relics are seeded 1:216 packs which is nothing to sneeze at either...

Congrats to the Blue Jays for the nice looking relic!

Finally, we had one last major pull from the break.

The regular box toppers are seeded 1:8 hobby boxes.  We didn't get one of those - in fact, two of the three boxes were without any sort of box topper.  However, our first box made up for that...

Yeah, that's a beautiful card - even if it does have a crease in it (it came out of the box that way unfortunately).  The Greatest moments autographs are seeded 1:178 hobby boxes.  Not packs, one in almost two hundred hobby boxes.  What a pull for the Mets (and it's numbered out of a mere 10)!

That concludes the group break - once and for all.  I hope you enjoyed the look at what you might be able to expect from a similar purchase that you may end up making.  I will say that hosting the break has convinced me to purchase my own hobby box of Archives (along with a blaster because I'm impatient).


P-town Tom said...

Great break overall. I really liked the variety of the the inserts. I get all the "chase" themed inserts confused in the flagship product.

Too bad the Cole Hamels triumvirate card wasn't the middle piece. You could have made a Frankentriumvirate before you shipped the cards out!

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