Friday, July 05, 2013

2013 Archives: Griffey Jr., Chapman, & Bruce (Oh my!)

Note:  I am still taking sign ups for my cheap group break.  Join now, I'd love to get the break filled up and off then off and running!


There are six packs remaining in my 2013 Archives box - but I've already found both the autographs so not much "big" is expected.  I'm still hoping for a Gallery of Heroes card but otherwise I'm simply looking to complete more of the base set.

Pack 19:

The Stadium Club Triumvirate cards are cool in concept - and I bet they look awesome in a completed 9 pocket page.  Unfortunately for me, Topps decided to shut the Reds out of the insert set - and thus, given the 1 per box rarity of the cards, I have no plans to collect the Triumvirate set.

Pack 20:

When I first pulled the Griffey Jr. card in the group break, I love it.  Now I have my own copy - yes!

Pack 21:

This pack had another sticker card but the real highlight was the pair of Reds (even if already had 'em from the group break).

Only three more packs remain - last chance for me to land a Gallery of Heroes card (plus a relic if I'm super lucky)!


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