Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Group Break Snack.

I told you all that I wanted to do this group break in a somewhat speedy fashion.  What better way to do that than to pause at midday to open some more packs?  Consider this a lunch hour bonus if you will.  Enjoy!

Archives - Pack 13:
24.  Lance Berkman - Cardinals
90.  Joe Mauer - Twins
100.  Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
126.  Rickie Weeks - Brewers
140.  Buster Posey - Giants
183.  Dan Uggla - Braves
186.  Brian Wilson - Giants
325.  Juan Marichal - Giants - Reprint

As a Reds fan, there isn't much worse than a pack full of Cardinals and Giants.  Ugh.

Pack 14:
5.  Freddie Freeman - Braves
14.  Yadier Molina - Cardinals
54.  Jemile Weeks - Athletics
63.  Tim Hudson - Braves
101.  Adrian Gonzalez - Red Sox
114.  Jason Motte - Cardinals
158.  Michael Young - Rangers
77C-WS.  Sticker:  Willie Stargell - Pirates

That's not the Pirates' insert card that I was hoping for, but I have to admit that I like the cloth sticker cards quite a bit.

Pack 15:
27.  Carl Crawford - Red Sox
33.  Jon Lester - Red Sox
77.  Chipper Jones - Braves
83.  Craig Kimbrel - Braves
150.  Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers
156.  Ubaldo Jimenez - Indians
165.  Jay Bruce - Reds
213.  Bill Madlock - Pirates

I guess we hit a Pirates hot spot in the box...the Madlock is a short print though I don't like the fact that the short prints are of the same design as the four base set designs.  I think Topps should have used other designs for the short prints to make them easier to differentiate.

Pack 16:
35.  Zack Greinke - Brewers
85.  Matt Holliday - Cardinals
89.  Lou Gehrig - Yankees
142.  Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
147.  Justin Masterson - Indians
189.  Babe Ruth - Yankees
194.  Gary Carter - Mets
575.  Jim Palmer - Orioles - Reprint

We end our lunchtime post with a nice Palmer reprint card for the Orioles.  My final thoughts on this group of four?  I simply wonder how many of you actually read what I write here.


The Junior Junkie said...


But I do scan for Mariners hits first.

Ryan H said...

I read it, but I was looking for O's. Looks like I picked up a nice Palmer!

Swing And A Pop-up said...

Even though I'm not part of the break (finances won't allow it), I am reading.

JediJeff said...

I am looking for the Kate Upton images. So far, I am quite disappointed. :) But I'll keep reading.

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