Another Month Down...

It is time to say our final goodbyes to July.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of August, and with it, the overwhelming feeling that school is right around the corner.  In fact, I have meetings beginning in a few weeks...and plenty of lessons to write before then.  My break starts in May and somehow every year when the calendar turns to August I still feel like I haven't accomplished nearly what I hoped to.

Although that may sound a bit doom and gloom, it's not like I haven't been doing anything lately.  In fact, the past two days have been spent watching my dog and my brother's dog (he's currently heading across the country to Nebraska to begin graduate school - his dog will be joining him in a few weeks).

 My dog's the lighter of the two (the one on the left of the picture).

When I'm not watching the golden retrievers, I have been busy putting together LEGO sets from my childhood.  My mom recently cleaned out my parent's attic and found the boxes (and boxes) of LEGO pieces from my childhood - plus my two brothers' sets.  Unfortunately, virtually none of the sets were still together in the original form so it's been a number of days of searching through piles and piles of LEGO looking for the one correct piece.

I have to admit, seeing all those finished sets is worth it.  There are a lot of fond memories tied to those plastic pieces...and soon I'll be packing them back up (one set at a time) and setting them aside for when I have my own kids.  After all, I'm fairly certain my wife doesn't want me to leave all the sets built and lying all over the house...  Don't worry, for those that are interested I do hope to post reviews of each set on my LEGO blog over the next few days/weeks/months (or however long it takes me).  For now though, all the sets are still at my parent's house - soon I'll be packing them up and transporting them to my place!