Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cheap Group Break: 2012 Topps Archives - Packs 10 - 12

We've opened nine out of the 24 packs in the 2012 Topps Archives box and we have yet to find either of the promised autographs.  Let see if we can locate one today.

Pack 10:
34.  Jaime Garcia - Cardinals
40.  Nelson Cruz - Rangers
57.  Josh Beckett - Red Sox
80.  Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies
125.  David Freese - Cardinals
168.  Carlos Santana - Indians
175.  Justin Morneau - Twins
220.  Ken Griffey Jr. - Mariners

What a lovely Griffey Jr. card, even if it is nothing more than a reprint.  I think Griffey is another player who belongs on a list of "almost always a great base card."  As far as I'm concerned, this card is almost perfect (too bad it's a bit miscut).

Pack 11:
7.  Cole Hamels - Phillies
56.  Alex Rodriguez - Yankees
62.  Hanley Ramirez - Marlins
107.  Josh Johnson - Marlins
113.  Ryan Howard - Phillies
164.  Kevin Youkilis - Red Sox
196.  Andrew Bailey - Red Sox
490.  Cal Ripken Jr. - Orioles - Reprint

The Ripken card is nice, but it's not the Clemente that I need...  My guess is that Ryan H. will be happy that I pulled Cal instead of Clemente at least since he's the one with Baltimore in the break.

Pack 12:
32.  Adam Jones - Orioles
50.  Albert Pujols - Angels
82.  Jose Reyes - Marlins
104.  Yovani Gallardo - Brewers
134.  Chris Carpenter - Cardinals
155.  Ichiro - Mariners
77C-JB.  Johnny Bench - Reds - Cloth Sticker

FFA-WJ.  Wally Joyner - Angels - AUTOGRAPH

The Bench sticker is nice but the real prize of the pack is the Wally Joyner autograph!  I happen to love the 1987 Topps design, so for me this is a great looking card.  I do wish that Wally would have signed it a bit higher up so his signature would be a bit more visible, but otherwise, I can't complain about the card.

As a whole, I'd say the first half of the box was a success, even though my one goal (the Clemente reprint) remains elusive.  I hope everyone is enjoying the break - stay tuned for more Archives packs (plus I haven't even cracked the plastic on the Series 2 box yet)!


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I can't complain about a Ripken card I didn't have before!

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