Sunday, July 07, 2013

Delivery Time: My Trade Stack Pays Off Once Again!

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, chances are you've seen some of my Trade Stack posts.  The basic idea of the trade stack is that occasionally add a card to a stack of cards until someone claims the entire thing for a minimum cost of any one card from my want list.

One of my recent trade stacks was claimed by Bob over at '59 Topps.  Bob sent me this gorgeous Collisions at the Plate card from 2013 Gypsy Queen:

The back of the card is interesting because it says that Rosario "transfers the ball to his bare hand as soon as he catches it, giving him maximum control on impact."  I guess that makes sense to me since catcher's mitts aren't the best at gripping a baseball, especially in a violent collision.  The more you think about it, it's no surprise that a lot of great managers were catchers first - they always have to be thinking about a myriad of things, including what to do in case of a collision!

In addition to the one promised card, Bob also included a few Reds for me with a note saying to use any duplicates in a future trade stack.  That cracked me up because my trade stacks were designed to help rid my collection of duplicates (while simultaneously helping me get closer to completing sets that I actually want)!  No matter though, cards are always appreciated - especially since a bunch of the cards that Bob sent my way were in fact new to me!

Of the bunch, my favorite three:

Didi Gregorious

Didi was a key piece in the three way trade that brought Shin-Soo Choo to the Reds last off season.  For that reason alone, I like Didi since Choo's been solid for the Reds all year.

Homer Bailey

Oh sure, this is a card that I have three or four times over - but I still love it.  The 1990 Topps design holds a soft spot in my Bailey now has two no-hitters to his name!

Joe Morgan - Sliding Stars

Another Gypsy Queen card from 2013, this one from the Sliding Stars set - a set that isn't quite as cool as the Collisions at the Plate set.  However, Joe Morgan as a Red is always a cool card so this card is easily my favorite of the "extras" that Bob threw in.

Thanks for the trade Bob - and as always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


The Junior Junkie said...

I have that Morgan sliding card because it's got Vida Blue on it!

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