Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Delivery Time: Red Cardboard Sends me Larkin Cardboard!

Edit:  Final call to join my group break - if you want a bunch of teams for a great deal check this out.


Awhile back, I was able to work out a trade with Matt from Red Cardboard. I sent Matt a bunch of Reds inserts plus a couple of base cards in exchange for a nice package full of Barry Larkin cards.

I must admit, I'm way, way behind posting cards to my Barry Larkin Collection - in fact, I probably a good 500 or so Larkin cards that I haven't yet posted...but I still think Matt managed to send me a couple of totally new cards for my collection.

I definitely need to figure out where to acquire a master of list of every Barry Larkin card in existence...and then use that list to create my own checklist of I do (and don't) need any more!

Of note in the pile that he sent me was this particular Larkin:

It's nothing overly special - other than the fact it was the first ever card that I purchased over the internet back in 1999.  That's right, this sucker was ordered on dial-up.  (Kids, look it up.)

Thanks for the trade Matt!  And, as always, if anyone else has anything from my Want List (including Barry Larkin cards), shoot me an email and hopefully we can work out a trade!


Dennis said...

Nice Larkins! Let me know if you want help putting together a checklist.

Chris Reed said...

I'd love help with the checklist!

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