Friday, July 12, 2013

Final Four Packs (of Box #1)

It's time to finish off the 2012 Topps Archives group break box.  There are four packs remaining, one of which should hold an autograph.  Let's dig in!

Archives - Pack 21:
10.  Ryan Braun - Brewers
45.  Carlos Ruiz - Phillies
70.  Joey Votto - Reds
96.  Phil Rizzuto - Yankees
137.  Jason Heyward - Braves
146.  Jarrod Parker - Athletics
179.  Michael Bourn - Braves
67S-JM.  Sticker:  Joe Mauer - Twins

Another giant mug of a player, though at least I kind of like Mauer.

Pack 22:
11.  Curtis Granderson - Yankees
15.  Madison Bumgarner - Giants
58.  Tommy Hanson - Braves
73.  Shaun Marcum - Brewers
123.  Ryan Vogelsong - Giants
173.  Daniel Hudson - Diamondbacks
193.  Lonnie Chisenhall - Indians
69DE-2.  Deckle Edge:  Evan Longoria - Rays

For whatever reason, the Deckle Edge cards featuring current players don't interest me and yet I like the Deckles with older players.  I guess seeing someone like Longoria on a dated design seems too odd for me to support, if that makes sense (which it probably doesn't).

Pack 23:
2.  Nick Swisher - Yankees
25.  Dan Haren - Angels
111. John Axford - Brewers
132. Ben Zobrist - Rays
162. Jayson Werth - Nationals
181. Matt Cain - Giants
77C-SCA.  Cloth Sticker:  Starlin Castro - Cubs

FFA-OG.  Autograph:  Oscar Gamble - Yankees

And there it is, finally - our second autograph of the box!  A big congrats to Mark M. who claimed the Yankees - this is a sweet looking autograph if you ask me.  I love that fact that all the Archives autographs are on card, it makes for a much more attractive card.

Final pack of the Archives box...

Pack 24:
18.  Tom Seaver - Mets
52.  Geovany Soto - Cubs
75.  Reggie Jackson - Athletics
102.  Dee Gordon - Dodgers
127.  Evan Longoria - Rays
152.  Johnny Cueto - Reds
177.  Shane Victorino - Phillies
176.  Willie McCovey - Giants - Reprint

Well, no Clemente reprint for me out of that box...but otherwise I'd say it was a solid box.  It would have been cool to pull one of the rarer cards but no real complaints.  At least most teams have a few cards before we move to the 2013 Topps Series 2 box which is why many of you joined the break.


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