Finding Inspiration...

I've been blogging for approximately ten years (not all here at Nachos Grande though) so if there is one thing that I've learned it is that you have to find inspiration all over.  Unfortunately, I'm not terribly creative so my best inspiration seems to come from opening up packs of cards (after all, what better thing to write about for a baseball card blog)?  What better way to open packs than to buy a full box?

See, I do this for you, my dear reader.

Here's another Topps Archives box - a set that I like way more than I ought to.  Of course, everyone's seen more of the Archives set than they want to so I won't be showing every card - only those that somehow lend a me a bit of inspiration!

Pack 1:

It's not hard to be inspired by this card - this is how Topps should do all their gold parallels.  I hate the gold parallels in the flagship set (though I still find myself tracking down the Reds)...but if the gold parallels looked like this?  Man, I'd be all over that!  What a great looking card - and it's nice it's numbered out of 199 though obviously the flagship can't be numbered that low.  Actually, I suppose it could but then I'd never have one to hold in my hand!

Pack 2:

When I first saw the Tall Boy inserts, I hated them.  Over time, however, the set has grown on me - mostly because it looks quite nice in a binder page.  The different colors in the background are make the set for me - plus it's nice to have an insert set that highlights players other than the usual suspects!  In fact, when was the last set that had Eric Davis as part of an insert?  Exactly.  Good stuff Topps!

Pack 3:

Ooooooooooh!  My favorite insert set of the year, bar none so far.  I'd love to acquire the full set - though I have a feeling most people won't be parting with this wondrous cards.  I don't even care that it's a Yankee featured - I love the card.  Instant keeper for me!

Speaking of keepers - if you have any 2013 Archives available for trade, please check out my want list and see if we can maybe work out a deal!


  1. I hereby suggest you buy some more boxes of baseball cards. Tell everyone who might have an opinion on the state of your finances that your readers need content. Do it for us.

  2. I second that motion.


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