Friday, July 19, 2013

Group Break 4 in 2013: The Second-to-Last Pack!

We are (finally) ready to open our second-to-last pack of the break.  What remaining goodies are there?  Let's find out together.

Pack 35:
Mike Baxter - Mets
Donovan Solano - Marlins
Luis Cruz - Dodgers

Carlos Marmol - Cubs
Adam Warren - Yankees
Jackie Bradley Jr. - Red Sox
Juan Nicasio - Rockies

Chase Headley - Padres
Carlos Pena - Astros
WBC-5.  World Baseball Classic:  Hanley Ramirez - Dominican Republic (Dodgers)

The Dodgers did well with this pack - though I actually prefer the Luis Cruz base card to the Hanely insert.  You don't see enough "chasing on base paths" cards if you ask me.  Plus, the chase fits in perfectly with Topps' theme this year!

One pack remains - and I will get it opened & posted before today is over!


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