Friday, July 19, 2013

Group Break Pack #33: Best Card I've Ever Pulled out of Topps' Flagship Product (from any year)!

Warning!  By the time you finish reading this post, you are going to wish you took me up on the offer of 8 teams or 16 teams for one price back before the group break started.  Don't say I didn't warn you!


It's time to open the 33rd (out of 36) pack in the 2013 Topps Series 2 group break box.  We have yet to find our hit, let's hope we find it soon...I hate dealing with Topps' customer service!

Pack 33:
Trevor Plouffe - Twins
Jeremy Affeldt - Giants
Jon Lester - Red Sox

Dayan Viciedo - White Sox
Luis Jimenez - Angels
James McDonald - Pirates
CH-91.  Chasing History:  Joey Votto - Reds

CHR-WMA.  Chasing History Relic:  Willie Mays - Giants #44/99

Woah!  No one claimed the Giants (despite my attempts to get someone to bite on all remaining teams) so look what I ended up with!  That's a gorgeous card - and serially numbered no less.  I know everyone is skeptical about relics (rightfully so) but at least this one looks nice and old, as it should! 

 On a side note, this is the second Joey Votto Chasing History insert in the break - doubles stink within a box, even if it is doubles of an insert!

As for the Mays, I believe this is a Chasing History gold parallel relic (and if it is, they are seeded 1:969 packs, easily the best card I've ever pulled out of any Topps flagship product)!  As much as I love this card, I'll probably end up putting it on eBay...I've got to try and sell some stuff to make money for Allen & Ginter this year, I'm way behind schedule in terms of my budget!


The Junior Junkie said...

Wowwee. Nice patina. Super jeals rite now.

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