Friday, July 26, 2013

LEGO Theme Week: The Conclusion is Decidedly British!

Welcome back - and for the final time - welcome to another LEGO Theme Week post!  This is the last one - so you'll have to get your future LEGO fix at my LEGO blog.

As usual, I'll begin with the cards portion of the post and then move on to the final LEGO minifigure.  See if you can resist the urge to scroll down immediately.

Again, all of the cards and LEGO figures from the various posts throughout today were all thanks to Jeff who happens to live in England.  Why does the England part matter?  Well - it means I get to add some more unique items to my collections.

To begin, a trio of Americans (and probably the only time LeBron James will make an appearance on my blog).  Each of the cards are actually stickers which I assume are meant to be stuck in some sort of album given how Panini rolls.

Next up, a couple of stickers highlighting the various Olympic venues used in the London Olympics last year.  The sticker of the two runners is particularly striking I think.

Then, things get a little stranger - here's three stickers that I have no idea why Panini included them (ok, maybe the one with the medals makes sense but the other two - not so much).

And then, my favorite of the regular stickers:

You can't beat that one - though I guess you can if you like shiny stickers (two of which Jeff sent my way).  I'm guessing that Usain Bolt is one of the more sought after stickers in the entire set.
These actually are really shiny even though the scan doesn't show it...

A fun way to conclude the card portion of the trade (and a total surprise throw-in from Jeff).  As for the LEGO minifigure, well, that's also British!

In fact, it's an olympic athlete from Team Great Britain (complete with a unique base plate for the figure to stand on).  The Team Great Britain set consists of a total of nine figures - Jeff sent me the Judo fighter (number 4 on the checklist).  Speaking of the checklist:

As you can see, each figure comes with a gold medal plus many have some sort of accessory that goes with their individual sport.  Personally, I think the archer is my favorite but they are all really cool!

Thanks for the awesome trade Jeff - it was great to be able to add some many new cards and LEGO figures to my collection, and the British flair at the end was a perfect ending to the swap.

Many thanks - and as usual, if anyone else would like to trade check out my want list and make an offer!

And with that:  Farewell to LEGO theme week.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing the posts.


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