Friday, July 26, 2013

LEGO Theme Week: Morgan and the Mechanics.

Welcome back to the final day of LEGO Theme Week here at Nachos Grande.  As I mentioned earlier this morning, you can expect quite a few posts today - all thanks to Jeff from England.

The next baseball card out of the trade box is this gorgeous Joe Morgan card.

I'm not overly excited by the 1972 Basketball design (in fact, I've decided to only chase the Reds from the set), but I have to admit this is a nice looking card!  The yellow background goes well with the black border and red text!

As you can see from my 2013 Topps Archives want list, I've made some fairly good progress in terms of set completion.  However, should you have any short prints and/or inserts from the set available, I'd love to work out a trade!

Since this is LEGO week, I figured I better show off another one of the LEGO figures that Jeff sent me.  In this case, it's a mechanic from series 6.

The Mechanic comes with a wrench (in light grey) and a tool box (that doesn't not open).  You can't easily see it in the photo, but the mechanic's uniform has oil splats on it (both the shirt and pants) along with his face, a nice touch!  He also sports a hair piece that could be used for a LEGO Elvis should one ever decide to make something like that...

The good stuff keeps on comin' - stay tuned for even more LEGO goodies (and some other baseball goodies) as the day progresses!


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