Friday, July 26, 2013

LEGO Theme Week: Sleepy Stickers

Welcome back to the final day of LEGO theme week.  This particular post continues the trade that I've been (slowly) opening, scanning, and building throughout today!

I've already shown off some cool cards that were regular sized.  For this particular post, we move to minis...

Yep, mini sticker cards.  I haven't ever purchased a single pack of Topps stickers which means I certainly appreciate getting the Reds in various trades.  I'm now the proud owner of six more.  Four of the stickers are from the 2011 set (Bruce, Stubbs, Chapman, and Votto).

The other two are from the 2012 set (Bench and Rolen).

I like that fact that Topps changed the design a bit, but not so much as to make the sets look completely different.  Continuity can be a good thing!

Of course, some of you aren't here for Reds' stickers.  Instead, you'd rather see a new LEGO figure - well, I wouldn't want to disappoint my fans now would I?

Today's addition to the minifigure collection is none other than the sleepy head guy.

He's rockin' his striped pajamas and holding a teddy bear.  His hair is all ruffled up and his eyes are still closed.  Isn't he adorable?

Actually, I kind of like the "strange" characters like the sleepy head - it's a figure that really wouldn't have a home in any typical LEGO set but it's still a fun one to acquire.  If you go back in today's archives, you can also find a mechanic and a judge if you'd rather see more "exciting" figures!


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