Friday, July 19, 2013

The Final Day* of the Group Break Begins!

Good morning!  If all goes well*, today is the final day of group break posts...  There are five packs remaining in the box (counting the pack I'm about to open).  Let's see what is in store for everyone on the final day.

*I'm scheduling the posts ahead of time so I'm fairly confident I'll have time to get the full box ripped and posted before you see these posts on Friday.

Pack 32:
Andrew Werner - Athletics
Robinson Cano - Yankees
Pedro Florimon - Twins

Ervin Santana - Royals
Casey Janssen - Blue Jays
Wade LeBlanc - Marlins
Mike Napoli - Red Sox
Yunel Escobar - Rays
Lance Lynn - Cardinals

Code card

This was a boring pack...the Pedro Florimon card was (by far) the best card in the pack.  As for the code cards, they'll be randomly distributed to the group break participants at the end of the break.  I won't be keeping any of them for myself - more goodies for everyone else that way!


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