Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Trade Winds are Blowing: Part 2

Yesterday, I highlighted the first part of a recent trade with blog reader David.  Since that post got a bit long, I had to stop writing and continue the post another day.  The other day is today!  Here's the second part of the awesome trade.

We begin day #2 of the trade post with a few 2013 Topps Archives base cards.

I ended up buying wayyyyy more Archives than I should have, but for whatever reason I love the set (just like I loved last year's Archives set).

Thanks to the cards that David sent, plus all the Archives that I bought, I now have the full base (non-short print) set complete.  I also have a second full base set available for sale/trade if anyone is interested!   On top of that, I have a big 'ol pile of even more duplicate base cards!

In addition to the base cards, David helped me inch a bit closer with the short prints.

Lee May

This isn't one of the better photos in the set - it's all blurry and I hate the fact that the Blue Jay in the background is totally blocked by May.

Jesse Barfield

It's hard not to think that Topps made this year's "fan favorites" nothing more than the guys that they could get to sign a bunch of cards.  Even so, I still like the set (though the short prints are admittedly quite frustrating)!

Hubie Brooks:

This particular Topps design doesn't seem to be overly popular, but I happen to like it.  Of course, I'm the same guy who is collecting 1990 Topps so what do I know?

Ray Knight:

The final short print (numerically speaking) that David sent me happens to also be the best:  a Red!  Ray Knight certainly had his fair share of followers back in the day.

Personally, I'm simply happy to be four cards closer to completing the short print portion of the set - though I'm still missing a ton of short prints!

Once again, the trade post is getting a bit long so I'll stop with one more insert card from 2013 Archives:

That's right - a sticker.  Not just any 'ol sticker though but one with Eric Davis (as a Red) on it.  Good stuff!

Thanks (again) for the trade David.  I still have enough cards remaining in the trade box for another post so stay tuned for that!


buckstorecards said...

This is the first time seeing a really good scan of the Brooks SP. Looks like it was a pic from the post game congratulations after the 1987 All-Star Game. Several different road uniforms, and the presence of Ozzie Virgil in the background.

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