Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Trade Winds are Blowing: Part 3

For the past two days, I've shown off bits and pieces from a recent trade with blog reader David.  Today, I am happy to report will be the third (and final) post from that one box of goodies!  What else did David have in store for me?  Well, today's inclusions were all "extras."

We begin with a smattering of Reds.  Many of the people I trade with throw in some Reds for me - probably because the Reds are a team with a lot of cards lately (yay!) but not a lot of traders want them.  That's fine by me of course, more for me makes me happy!

Of the various Reds, I picked my three favorites.

In reverse order:

#3:  Aroldis Chapman

Bad news?  It's a Bowman card and I don't usually care for Bowman.
Good news?  This Bowman design is actually quite nice!  I like the fact that they didn't use the same black borders.
More good news?  It's one fewer Bowman Reds that I have to track down later!

#2:  Joey Votto

This is another Bowman card but this one happens to be super shiny.  I'm guessing chrome something-or-other though the back says the card is a reprint.  A reprint of a different Bowman card that I also most likely don't own is my guess.  Bowman confuses me.

#1:  Johnny Bench

An oddball Reds' card?  Absolutely love it!  Even better, it's a card of one of the best players to ever don the Cincinnati uniform!

Now that those are out of the way, let's have a quick chuckle.

Yes, poor 'ol Rusty Kuntz.  His actual first name is Russell, I think I would have gone by that if I were him...

And now - the grand finale!

Why is the 2013 Gypsy Queen white paper the grand finale?  Well, if it were just the Andrew McCutchen it wouldn't be...but David actually included 37 of the white paper parallels!

Why did he do it?  Well, in his words:  "I wanted to see if I could tempt you to collect another set."

Consider me tempted David.

I'm so weak.

If anyone has any of the white paper parallels for trade, let me know!  I have a few extras to swap - plus plenty of other stuff.  In case you are wondering, there are only 100 of the white framed parallels - and they happen to be skip numbered (which is annoying).  Here's a full checklist for the set (with a tip of the hat to David):

Many thanks for the great trade David!  I enjoyed going through the box - and the white paper parallels are way too nice for me not to try and complete the set!


J. Meeks said...

I have a few of the white papers you need (26, 63, 80, 95, 130, 141, 173, 179, 214, 220, 269, 332). Let me know if you still need them and I'll drop them in the mail to you.

Swing And A Pop-up said...

And who knew his last name was pronounced Koontz?

Chris Reed said...

I'd love to acquire the white papers!

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