Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Topps Archives Packs for Me - and Another Autograph!

As you begin to get ready for the 4th of July celebrations, take a moment and peruse my morning post where I discuss some different options for a possible 2013 Allen & Ginter case break.


Good, now that you are back, here's three more packs out of my Archives box.

Pack 16:

A nice looking Fred Lynn card.  I don't feel like Lynn is quite as over-hyped as a lot of other stars of yesteryear.  Plus, nice hair.

Pack 17:

Another Tall Boy insert - this time of Frank White.  Again, nice hair!

Pack 18:

There it is!  The final promised hit of the box.  I must say, Sid Fernandez seems like a decent autograph to get...not to mention the actual signature is quite nice!

Will my super box hold any other goodies?  I don't expect a relic (seeded 1:216 or higher) but I am hoping for one of the Gallery of Heroes cards (seeded 1:31 packs).  Stay tuned - there are still six packs remaining in my box!


Play at the Plate said...

Nice one. I hope you get another "hit".

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